Monday, September 13, 2010

Leads I've thought about writing

For this story:

1. At least BYU is ranked in something.
2. BYU is incredibly attractive to recruiters -- just not NFL recruiters.
3. Relax, BYU fans, your team sucks but your degree doesn't.
4. Q: What is the best way to get a job after graduating from BYU?
A: Don't play football.
5. Q: Why does BYU have such a high rate of graduation among its athletes?
A: They're not going to get a job playing sports. They actually need the degree.
6. BYU's new shirt: At least I have a job.
7. BYU's team can't win on the football field, but at least they're more likely to get hired after they graduate.
8. Their football team may not be winning, but no school that BYU meets on the football field is more attractive to recruiters. (Well, that doesn't really apply to Air Force. All those guys already have jobs for when they graduate.)
You see my dilemma. I write those, I offend my entire readership. That I haven't already offended. But they're so dang good! At least, I'm giggling. :)
Yes, I'm a hater. For those of you who want to, Texas Tech will be playing Texas this weekend, and I'm sure there will be plenty of mockage fodder.

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