Monday, August 23, 2010

When mankind is an oxymoron

After all, some men don't deserve the association with human kind.
The AP released a story about groups of Rwandan and Congolese rebels who started raiding villages in the Congo and raping women and in a few cases, baby boys.
According to the story:

"Rape as a weapon of war has become shockingly commonplace in eastern Congo, where at least 8,300 rapes were reported last year, according to the United Nations. It is believed that many more rapes go unreported."

Anybody else feeling a little queasy?
I can't even fathom what's going on in these sick, twisted, no longer human minds. Rape as a weapon of war? Going into village and brutally, violently, horrifically attacking these women in a way that they will never recover from? And in front of their children no less. And babies?
I don't really believe in the death penalty or in vigilante justice - but for some of these animals I'd make an exception.

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