Friday, August 13, 2010

(Not-quite) midyear life checkup

In January, my mother sent out a New Year's letter. My paragraph read something like this:
Heidi, after nine months out of work after her mission in Utah, moved back to Utah to the exact same job she had before her mission; did I mention she was in Utah? I'm pretty sure she's going to be in Utah forever. She doesn't like to hear about Utah so much, but there's gotta be a reason she can't get out of Utah. Utah.
The sarcasm and bitterness are mine.
She e-mailed all of us the letter so we would know what she was saying about us, and I was not a big fan of this graf, which was much better written and much less snarky. But I also had nothing else to say. I did seem to be stuck in Utah. I was just trying not to think of it as a permanent future activity so much as what was going on in the present.
So I e-mailed her the following for next year's letter:
Heidi lost her mind, quit her job and opened her own business in the worst economy in 60 years. She published a book, went sky diving and is taking beginning surfing lessons. (That part could be complicated. You don't have to include that.) She finally hiked Mount Timpanogos; both knees are still functional, although it was close for a little while. She spent two months as a brunette and has a new running partner, a mutt named Obscenity. Life is chaotic and hectic and stressful, and she wouldn't change a thing about it.
I think it's about time to see where we are on things.
Lost my mind? Check.
Quit my job? Technically I put in notice to quit twice. It probably doesn't count, but the intent was definitely there. I think I could prove it to a judge.
Opened my own business? Check, although it's not full time and it's not how I support myself. But I am freelancing, so it counts.
Published a book? Not yet, although I did write one and I did send it to a publisher; the publisher declined. I'm both looking for different ideas and different publishers.
Went skydiving? Check back on Sept. 18. It's on my mental calendar. Flying over Zion National Park and then jumping out of a plane? Life is good.
Beginning surfing lessons? OK, that's a pipe dream. It would be wonderful, but I don't really plan on moving away from Utah in the next year. However, I have gone skiing, which is sort of like surfing, and I'm starting to do wild 5Ks and 10Ks, which could be a reasonable substitute.
Hiked Mount Timpanogos? Check.
Knees functional? Check. Check. The climb wasn't even as hard on them as I thought. Ladies? Want to go again?
Two months as brunette? Check. I actually dyed my hair a week or two after I wrote this out. It was the inaugural "New Heidi of 2010" event. And if I can say this, looked pretty good as a brunette too.
New running partner, Obscenity: Not yet and probably not this year because it's hard to rent with a dog. But maybe next year. When I'm taking surfing lessons in Hawaii as an entrepreneur. :)
Other things I may add to the graf in four months:
  • New running partner of the 2-legged variety; mutt is still acceptable but he still has to be cute and willing to chase me.
  • Back at my high school weight.
  • Run a 5K in 25 minutes.
  • Get a new job. Check.


  1. Your mom is mean! Honestly!

    I have had all sorts of jobs since the Herald. I worked for a wire service, I worked for a biz daily, I was a consultant, now I'm in corporate communications.

    And you know what I miss most? You know where I found the most passion? Listening to that police scanner and chasing down robberies at the Boulders!

    Of course, my salary is double now what I made at the Herald. But today I sat in a cubicle and just wanted out. So it is a toss up.

  2. It didn't sound that bad when my mom wrote it. It's just frustrating because I feel like my life is totally dull. Blech.
    Come back! It's really fun. :) You can then be a member of the Herald returnees club. Of course, I'm not sure we have any job openings at the moment, which could complicate things somewhat.

  3. At least your mom didn't post a video of you hula-hooping it up on the interwebs for all of our joy :)