Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AnnoyingSportsCenter: Breaking News Update

The top 10 "You've got to be kidding me" sports moments of today and the recent past, in an order that might make sense in my head, but no guarantees:
10. An NFL player will just go ahead and join the NBA if he doesn't get signed to play football. I guess it's true that more people are moving into different professions a lot more often these days. I hope the Nuggets laugh at him.
9. Mike Leach=sports analyst.
8. ESPN now runs commercials for fantasy football.
7. Heisman hopeful lists. I get the reasoning for it, but seriously, the season doesn't start for two and a half more weeks. Some of those players are going to play like garbage this season. Some are going to get hurt. Some are on teams that just don't get enough national attention to have a Heisman winner. At least let's see a little of what they're doing before jumping into this arena.
6. Title contender lists, for about the same reasons as above. Some of these teams are going to crash and burn by the end of the season and some of them are all talk. Let's see who can get the ball in the end zone and then start making predictions.
5. LeBron James on the Cavs owner: "I don't think he ever cared about LeBron." Oh, get over yourself, talk in first person and shave that beard, you used-to-be-my-favorite-now-turned-media slut. At least you're good at basketball.
4. Not so annoying but more than a little concerning: Researchers have found links between what they thought was Lou Gehrig's disease and athletes who suffered brain trauma, all of which results in degeneration of the brain tissue. I love football, but is it worth it?
3. That all of the grandstanding Utah politicians who just a few months ago were full of righteous anger at how unfair the BCS was went silent right about the time the state's flagship football program accepted an invitation to a BCS conference.
2. Brett Favre is retiring. No, he's not. Yes, he is. No, he's not. Yes, he WAIT! This just in! Brett Favre is not retiring for the fourth time. He'll return for a 20th season of irritating football fans who stopped caring about his drama but can't get away from it.
1. I still have no idea what my conference name is going to be next season. Big 10? Big One Plus Nine? That other conference that somehow managed to stick around? Oy vey.

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