Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 things

So I'm involved in an e-mail correspondence loosely known as get-to-know-the-other-person-by-making-random-5-things-lists. In honor of that, here I go:
Top 5 sports moments
Go here for a rather outdated list. Add to that this year's World Cup and every single time I've seen Landon Donovan play in person. And actually, a tie for first: Nov. 1, 2008, when the Red Raiders beat No. 1 Texas!

5 favorite TV shows:
1. Friends
2. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
3. The Office
4. Seinfeld
5. The news

5 favorite books (besides the Book of Mormon, of course)
1. Harry Potter series
2. Good Grief
3. The Chamber
4. All of the Chronicles of Narnia
5. The Brother of Jared Experiment

5 favorite movies
1. Big Fish
2. Cool Runnings
3. Star Trek
4. OK, I can't think of any more.

5 least favorite things I do on a regular basis
1. Call people I don't want to talk to.
2. Set my alarm.
3. Sweat in non-workout clothes.
4. Say something stupid.
5. Eat celery. (I always forget I don't like it when I'm at the store.)

5 experiences that have contributed to who I am:
1. My mission
2. Searching for Garrett Bardsley
3. Taking care of my dad while he was sick
4. Playing the favorites game at family home evening growing up
5. Hurdling

5 reasons I am the way I am:
1. I've been told many times to be strong for other people.
2. I've been let down many times by other people.
3. I am cynical and possibly a little pessimistic and thus don't trust other people.
4. I've screwed up enough in life to not trust myself to not screw up some more.
5. I'm a daddy's girl and crave his approval. The last five and a half years have been, shall we say, interesting in that department. :)

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