Friday, July 2, 2010

Animated movies can ruin your life

I don't understand how Americans can think soccer is boring. OK, so maybe there are long stretches when no one scores, but a lot is happening in that time. I mean, these are people who can sit through four hours of a football game, when very little is happening in 3.5 hours of that time. Who can watch "Titanic" and "Star Wars" and "Land Before Time 27: Littlefoot Lives On in Your Car's Engine." Who do things like gamble and sit in traffic and line up outside big events for hours.
In other words, we shouldn't think anything is boring.
And yet, people just don't get it. Yet they'll watch the Lakers for the millionth time, when still the only thing happening is Kobe scaring, Kobe looking angry and Kobe high-fiving someone after scoring while still looking angry. The season lasts forever, then those ridiculous seven-game rounds go on even longer, and for some reason, the finals, the results of which were incredibly predictable, still drags on for seven games.
Check out the World Cup. The Lakers of the tournament went home today. Some other major players — Italy and France, to name a few — went home way early. A Cinderalla story isn't that uncommon in the World Cup. It's practically unheard of on the professional basketball court.
Yet it just is not enough. We continue to be a nation of unenlightened cretins.


  1. I assume you mean Kobe scoring . . . but he's kind of scary, so I think it's still quite appropriate.

  2. I also misspelled Cinderella. It's a blog, OK? It's like a journal, which means I only edit if I see an obvious mistake. Actually, it's just that I'm lazy.
    But yes, I meant Kobe scoring. And he is scary. So watching Kobe scaring does kind of make sense.