Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I once read that in order to have

readers to your blog, you had to give them something to back for every day.
I am a bit of a failure in that regard.
Which probably means no one will ever read this.
Blogs are supposed to be kind of an online journal, or possibly a forum for a self-important opinionated individual to engage in word vomit. I won't comment on which one it might be for me. But some things have to be hammered out in other ways -- talking to others, talking to myself, talking to God. Actually writing in a journal. Finding ways to release all the nervous, pentup energy -- cooking, running, screaming my head off at the TV while the U.S. makes its World Cup run. Hoping I'll be able to sleep at night.
I truly have no idea what I hope to accomplish in my life right now. But I know I want to do it with integrity and class.

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