Monday, June 14, 2010

A crossroads and a question

What do you do when you have two choices that seem good?
This is regarding my career. I have a choice that I have mentally and emotionally committed myself to, that is not working out quite as planned but is still on the horizon. It seems far away at the moment, but I try to keep it close as much as possible and not lose the vision, even when I feel like I'm drowning in the day-to-day. It's there. Sometimes I can taste it, other times I just have to remember that it's there.
The second option just reared its head this weekend. An idea presented itself that would put off the above move for a few months, although it can still be there. I like this idea. I am fairly confident that the people above me would go for this idea. My concern is that I'll never get to the first option if I do the second.
So I just don't know. I meant to consider it this weekend and then forgot; I'm too distracted by the World Cup.

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