Monday, May 24, 2010

Social brushing -- am I that weird?

I totally do it. I brush my teeth and wander downstairs, get the paper, read the paper, watch TV, read a book, talk to people, check my phone, look out the window -- whatever multitasking one can do with one hand occupied with the brush, I've done it. I just don't like not using that time as efficiently as possible. Also, I get bored very easily, and staring at myself in the mirror brushing my teeth is not interesting.
My roommate has brought it to my attention that she thinks it's weird. She wants to know where I picked up the habit. I have no idea. So I e-mailed my family to see if I learned this behavior at home. Here are their responses:
Rachel (who does it also, for the same reasons): Maybe this is just me, but I think that it just being weird is not a big deal. I do lots of weird things. I'm pretty sure social brushing is on the more normal side of the weird things I do. If it had grossed her out, that would be something else entirely. So I'm sorry if I brought this on. I apologize profusely. Or at least, as profusely as I have already conveyed in this email, b/c it's not going any further than that.
Jennifer: I have a habit of brushing around the house sometimes too, and of course read while brushing, otherwise that's wasted reading time. I also floss around the house and in bed. It never occurred to me that might be construed as weird or disturbing until I saw a couple fighting about it on "Marriage Ref."
Mom: I do it also though very rarely, and I don't know if I have always done it ot not. But I don't think I try to talk to people.
So maybe I did just pick it up on my own. Blame it on the undiagnosed ADD that I use at convenient times.

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