Monday, April 5, 2010

Provo will be red and Salt Lake will be blue

Salt Lake City is hoping to score the big Republican prize: the 2012 RNC convention.
Yes. In two and a half years, there is the potential that thousands of Republicans will pour into Utah, chant, wave flags, bash Democrats and President Obama, cheer for offshore drilling and the Constitution and overrun the place.
OK, technically this state has thousands of Republicans who wave flags, chant, bash President Obama and cheer for offshore drilling, but this means there will be more of them, and they will all be in Salt Lake as opposed to everywhere surrounding Salt Lake except for Park City. I foresee a mass exodus of Dems who, overrun by redness, will flee to a true blue haven.
Weird. The opposite parallel between Dems and Repubs and BYU and Utah is trippy.
On the one hand, Utah seems like a good place to hold a Republican convention, since this is the most conservative state in the nation. On the other hand, SLC has to pick up the tab for the convention, which is listed as $35 million to $45 million. (Insert joke/snide comment here about how much of that is going to strip clubs.) That's a hefty bill for local businesses to cough up, since the last time I checked, the economy is still really.
I guess we'll find out this summer.

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