Thursday, March 11, 2010


Isn't that the greatest word? I think it's fantastic. It means, according to the Womanity Web site, the invisible bond that exists between women.
That really is true. On one level, it's why I'd rather go to a female OB/GYN and why I wait until the room clears of men before complaining about cramps. (Except for that one time -- Sorry, Andrew.) I use, "you just don't get it," on men much more often than women.
But on another, deeper and yet baser level, it's a connection women have just because we're women. It's why girlfriends can sit in a restaurant for hours and talk. It's why I could call my best friend after we'd seen each other at school and talk for an hour about nothing. It's why I can say "I love you" to my friends and absolutely mean it while still being completely straight and why I notice and comment on great hair and cute shoes. It's why, in an organization like Relief Society, 18-year-olds and 81-year-olds can sit around the same table and discuss issues that affect their lives. It's why, dare I say the f-word, feminism is more than burning bras and women's lib. It's because women are so much more than that, and we believe in ourselves and each other when sometimes it feels like no one else does.
The site also asks, "What does womanity mean to you?" My thoughts, in kind of a large nutshell:
1) In college, I wrote a business plan for the magazine I hope to someday create. The name of that magazine: Foundation; the tagline: Celebrating the femininity, feminism and fortitude of the 21st century woman. I still see that.
2) Staying true to and celebrating who you are. In Utah Valley, a mother protested the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition being available right by the checkstand for her children to see. She knows who she is. The model on the cover of the swimsuit edition? She does too. Both are feminists and feminine in their own right.
3) Not "just" anything. Never just a mother, just a homemaker, just a secretary, just a teacher, just a writer, just a teller. "Just" implies a lack. Being enough is not about any of those things; the measuring stick is 100% internal.
4) Divine. And don't you forget it.

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