Thursday, March 25, 2010


* a gathering of relatives, friends, or associates at regular intervals or after separation:

I have two in the relatively near future. One is in exactly eight days; it is a mission reunion. I checked the Facebook group to see who has said they're attending and how many of those people I actually want to see for more than two minutes. I've never attended a mission reunion. I'm not sure what to wear. I'd rather not wear a skirt; I'd like some of these people to know me in something other than skirts (unless it's a knee-length skirt with a pair stilettos so I can strut around with my hot calves). Business casual? Sweats?
What do I even talk about with these people? I guess I could talk about my mission. I've seen a few former missionaries, including my roommate, and for the most part we've been fine. But a couple of these I knew would be good friends and we had plenty to talk about while we were on missions. We'll see about the rest of them.
The second is a family reunion in a few months. Item of note about my family: we don't really like each other. And we don't really know each other. Maybe the second one is a more accurate depiction, but what I do know about some of my mother's relatives does not make me want to like them. So it could be a very interesting five days. That falls at the very end of the World Cup! What was my mother thinking? Probably not about soccer.
I don't care so much what I'm going to wear here, but what on earth are we going to talk about? I guess I could talk about my mission. Possibly soccer; maybe my great-aunt's out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere hunting ranch gets ESPN. Maybe we can all discuss how weird our family is. I could see that going places.

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