Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Everything the other side does is wrong. Everything. Do not suggest anything different, or you will be wrong. Knowing what the other side is saying or doing is irrelevant. They are wrong.
It's happening at the federal level with the health care reform issue and a number of other things -- basically, everything President Obama says is instantly vilified by Republicans. Meanwhile, the Republicans are basically ignored unless the Dems can count on their votes. That's all they are.
On a more local level, some politicians just have to disagree. There's always at least one, and when that one suddenly becomes part of the majority, someone else starts disagreeing. And I don't mean being a devil's advocate. I mean actually being disagreeable and a little unpleasant. I also mean disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing, even to the point of agreeing after someone voices the expectation of disagreement.
Really? This is how government is run? The land of the free and the home of the brave can't do any better than this?

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