Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't ask, don't tell don't work here

I've grown up and been around enough people who serve in the military or in law enforcement long enough to hear all the reasons why women are not on the front lines.
Here's the reason why they should be.
Veteran Catherine Ross lays the arguments out pretty nicely, I think. I agree with her assessment that women should be held to the same physical standard as men, which would eliminate more of my gender. But if we want to do the same tasks, we have to be able to do those tasks. Lessening the criteria to get in doesn't help anyone.
I think the point that struck me most was women in war already are on the front lines. Technology has continued to change the way we fight, and the front lines is a much more amorphous concept than it's been in the past. The base, the convoy, the planes -- bombs and machine guns and guerrilla warfare can turn any of these into the front lines at any time. Women are there. The only way to keep them away from the front lines is to keep them out of the military.
And no, I'm not recommending that. I certainly do not think that men and women are 100 percent exactly the same at everything, but I see no reason why a woman who is able to meet the same physical and mental standards of her male peer who willingly decides to go to war cannot do the same tasks that her male counterpart does.

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