Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dancing with the coworkers

Top ten ways to pick my March Madness bracket that would be more likely to help me win than the way I did it this year:
10. By alphabetical order.
9. By strangest looking mascot.
8. By proximity to where I am at the time.
7. By proximity to where I could potentially be in a decade.
6. By where I would be most likely to attend.
5. By dartboard, dice or drawing names from a hat.
4. By the combined numerical value of their GPAs minus the ages of the point guard, the center and the head cheerleader plus half the coach's BMI.
3. With a magic 8 ball.
2. By rewriting my horoscope using numbers instead of letters and assigning random numbers to each team and then checking my horoscope every day.
And ...
No. 1. Fill out as many brackets as I'm allowed to and then just selectively use the results that help. Booyah!

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