Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cranial thickness

"I'm sorry, I don't think I can explain this to you in a way that you'll understand."
A person just said this to an individual in the meeting in which I am sitting. Person 1 is a professional who has worked in his field for a while. Person 2 has been around these issues for a long time and generally likes to involve herself in said issues.
Person 1 was joking, he said so. But when he made that comment, while she's standing three feet away staring down at him, glasses on the end of her nose, my first thought was, "Obviously. She has no interest in understanding. She just wants to argue."
I actually think I'm right on that too. And really, there's no shame in throwing out different ideas that maybe aren't very popular. But for crying out loud, if these meetings are going to degenerate into just arguing for the sake of not agreeing with people's nemeses, I am done. I'm tired of them all. I simply do not care. I'm tired the same voices drilling into my head. I'm tired of the self-righteousness that pervades this room every couple of weeks. I am appalled at the nitpicking, the name-calling, the veiled hostility between "adults."
I am just so, so over it all.


  1. Imagine a meek hand raise. (Try it. I dare you.) How does one say the above sentence, in a nonconfrontational way, in a noncodescending fashion?

  2. Somebody needs to confront Person 2.