Friday, March 12, 2010

Count me in

We got a letter from the Census yesterday. At first I was pretty excited, because I'm a geek and I think it's kind of fun to fill this kind of stuff out and I secretly want to get the long form some time so I can answer all those questions about myself.
So I opened it. Inside I found disappointment. It was actually a letter telling me that in one week, we would be receiving the actual Census form. Sad.
My biggest beef isn't even that I have to wait to tell the federal government how awesome my household is. (BTW, assuming my two roommates and me all fill the same form out. Not sure how the roommate thing works.) It's that I assume many other households throughout the country received this same letter that, in my mind, accomplished nothing.
Wouldn't the money spent on paper, envelopes and mailing be better spent on, say, a worthwhile activity? I am absolutely in favor of the Census; I just don't think I need a letter beforehand to tell me of a letter that's coming.
And if the federal government has nothing better to do with its money, then send it over my way. I've got a few ideas.

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