Monday, March 22, 2010

Think before you Speak

Comment on the Daily Herald's Web site re: health system reform. It's copied and pasted; I made no changes.
"Good job Madam Pelosi !!!! You have shown you know how to get the votes.
To those posters who hang their hats on polls there were two important polls taken last night. The results were 219-212 and 220-211. No those are polls that actually count!!
For those who did not watch the last statements from Boehner and Pelosi before the votes you sould. It shows how the Repubs think about the american people compared to the Democrats. It was the difference between light and day."

I have a couple of thoughts about this guy's thoughts. First, the polls that count are not, or should not be, just the people in Congress, because the people in Congress are supposed to be representing constituents, not just hanging out doing whatever they feel like. They do have a responsibility to represent their districts. I'm not saying they didn't, and I'm not saying they can't think for themselves, and it is not possible for everyone in the district to both think for themselves and agree, so clearly some people in a congressman's district are going to be unhappy on every vote. That's life. But senators and representatives should care what their citizens are saying.
The second point is in that last line. See the unintentional slip? What is the difference between light and day, exactly? I guess light is a frame of reference and day is a time, but in this context, they're synonymous. I'm sure he meant to say night and day, but he didn't. And really, I think the way he said it is more accurate. I didn't hear Boehner or Pelosi speak about health care reform on Sunday night, but I have a pretty good idea of what they think about Americans based on their activities in Congress. They think we're woefully ignorant and willfully stupid. They think we're lazy. They think we'll forget. They think we'll overlook their bad behavior because it's not as bad as the other guy's or they're the lesser of two evils or because they talk eloquently. They think they know what's best for us, and our disagreement is unamerican or anti-American.
Dems and Repubs can fight all they want, but at the end of the day, they're two sides of the same coin -- a bad system that they are making worse. So yes, they are the difference between light and day.

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