Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who wants to be a politician?

Ooh, ooh, I do! I do! Pick me!
(Said in your best pol voice. You pick your poison.)
Here are the rules: You must answer the following questions correctly. Answers will be at the bottom.
$100 — Fill in the blank: ________ is the devil.
$200 — What is the most watched news show?
$500 — Who first used the term "death panels?"
$1,000 — What party, 150 years ago, was described as radical?
$5,000 — Were the Nazis liberal or conservative?
$50,000 — What are the two biggest factors needed to be elected to non-municipal office?
$250,000 — What qualities are most needed to hold elected office?
$500,000 — What state's education board is trying to rewrite history books to more heavily focus on Christianity?
$1,000,000 — Why don't Americans trust their government anymore?

$100 — Either all of Fox News or everyone associated with the White House. This should direct you to which party tenets you adhere to.
$200 — Fortunately, the Superbowl. But Bill O'Reilly has the highest ratings for a news-oriented show.
$500 — Sarah Palin
$1,000 — Radical Republicans, anyone?
$5,000 — Hitler was evil. Read this.
$50,000 — Money and influence
$250,000 — Integrity and humility
$500,000 — Texas
$1,000,000 — Trust must be earned. Every elected official has lost mine the second he or she said "I." We have managed to set up the worst possible system — take the people least equipped to represent us, allow them to compromise themselves even more through campaign donations and empty campaign promises, and then be forced to choose between all of the bad choices. No wonder we can't do anything right.

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  1. I got $26,500. I think I should get the other half of the $25,000 for good hair.
    The problem with elected officials is that the people who could actually get things done are too smart to run.